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Monday, May 13, 2013

New app?

Today has been one of those days that my mind has been wandering.... and wandering to good places. This is the result of one of those wanderings.

I've been using a countdown widget app for quite some time now, and recently the developer updated the app and completely ruined it in my opinion. I have not downloaded the most recent update because it looks terrible, and there are a bunch of negative reviews about how transparency was removed, and it overall did not look good. So I kept the old version, so that I could keep my widget as-is.

So suddenly I started thinking... I could make an app like this. And it wouldn't really take too long. I've got the gist of widgets now, I've done a count-down type of code with the schedules, and I can add in a TON of customization from what I have learned doing both Auto Respond and Tic Tac Toe.

So here it is... some ideas for my countdown widget app:
  • Information
    • Name/Title of event
    • Date (optional? - only time - repeat daily)
    • Option - Time
      • Either date or time would be required if date becomes optional
    • Option - Show hours instead of days 
    • Option - Show hours when less than X days left
  • Look and feel
    • Selectable color/image for background
    • Selectable transparency for background
    • Text
      • Selectable color for all text
      • All text same color checkbox
      • Customizable text order
        • Text1 - Name
        • Text2 - Date
        • Text3 - Days/hours remaining
    • Stock images (to come later)
  • Selectable size in setup? (? = not sure if this is possible in the setup screen)
    • 1x1
    • 2x1
    • 2x2 with picture background
    • 3x3 (?) with picture on side (? = I'd have to play with sizes for this one, to see what works best)
  • Show preview of widget as changes are made
  • Option - Remove widget automatically when countdown reaches 0
  • Option - notification/alarm when countdown reaches 0
    • alert sound
    • alert vibrate
These are the notes I've made for myself so far. Any other ideas you can think of for a countdown widget? 

It's a simple idea but, as you have probably noticed in my other apps, I like options and customization! :-)