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Monday, October 22, 2012

Auto Respond 0.9.2

Found another FC in Auto Respond, thanks to a crash report someone sent in. I just released an update that fixed it.

Unfortunately, I did some work on notifications today too (working toward getting Jelly Bean style notifications working) and that work has made notifications stop working in some Android versions (possibly all versions prior to 4.1)

I was in a rush to fix the FC, and pushed the update, not realizing that it broke notifications. (I tested it later on my Droid 2, and that's how I realized it broke notifications.) I am extremely tired, after dealing with Tap for Tap developer support most of the day, and some craziness happening at work, so I need to go to sleep. Sorry for the issues, I will try to fix notifications tomorrow and push an update ASAP.

BTW - Only the free version is affected by this FC and notification issue. The FC wasn't present in the paid version, therefore I did not push an update for it and I did not break notifications for it.