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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Auto Respond Free "Derps" fixed

I had a few small errors in the free version of Auto Respond. Not sure what even made them come to mind, but they did.

  1. The menu is supposed to have a "Buy" link (which takes you to the market to purchase the full version) in the free version, and a "Donate" link (which takes you to paypal to donate to me) in the full version. In my last update, I accidentally made them both "Donate". This has been returned to normal.
  2. In both versions of the app the "Feedback" page, which shows with each update, linked to the market page for the full version of the app. This now correctly links to the free version if you are running the free version, and the paid version if you are running the paid version.
Neither of these really affect functionality of the app, but I do want them pointing the user to the correct places. I'm sure nobody is going to want to donate when they still have ads in the app, and I definitely want feedback to appear on the correct app. If you haven't done so already, please go pick up the latest version if you are running the free version. (The paid version was not updated. There were no issues in the paid version.)