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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fixing Bugs, adding options

I've been working on some stuff for Auto Respond.

I noticed that other day that between 12am and 1am, the hour shows as -12, and it shows as pm instead of am. That has been fixed.
I also noticed, on my phone, that my ringer kept getting set to "ring", instead of "ring and vibrate" and I finally figured out that it's my own app that's causing it. If you have the "Silence Ringer" option selected, it wasn't always properly returning the ringer to it's previous value when disabling Auto Respond. I figured out why, and fixed that as well.

Another thing that bothered me was that when I selected the "Silence Ringer" option, it turned off vibrate as well. So I kept the silence ringer option (for those of you who want it truly silenced when active) and added a sub-option to set it to "Vibrate" instead of fully silent. This has been tested, and seems to be working fully, so it will be in my next release.

I'm also working on an option to "Ignore Calls". This will be enabled when "Auto Respond to voice calls" is active. If "Ignore Calls" is active, it will ignore any call that is sent a text response. If the call does not come from a mobile phone, comes from a number that's not in your contacts, or comes from someone on the "Do Not Respond" list, it will not be sent a response and therefore will not be ignored. For this reason, the ringer options are still available even when ignoring calls is enabled. (This function is not tested yet, so if it doesn't work properly, it may not make it into the final product.)

As I was thinking about the "Do Not Respond" list, I also thought about creating a number based list. Any phone number in this list would not be responded to. I haven't even begun to implement it, I just got the idea while working on other things.

I haven't forgotten about the scheduler. I have spent a lot of time working on it, and have been thinking about the best way to implement some of the necessary aspects of it. It is by far one of the most complex features I have worked on thus far for this app, so it may take more time than expected.

This is how the "Phone Settings" menu looks now (Assuming the "Ignore Calls" function works properly)

tl;dr - some small bug fixes, new vibrate setting, testing ignore calls setting, possible DNR number list in future, still working on scheduler.