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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do Not Respond lists... So close!

The newest Auto Respond function is almost finished! "Do Not Respond" lists are the latest addition to Auto Respond's quickly growing feature list. I've created two ways to add contacts to your do not respond lists:

1) Contact Picker - This is a very precise method to select an individual contact to not send auto replies to
2) Text List - Add names such as "John" or "John Smith" and Auto Respond will not send replies to any name that matches the text in the list.

The contact picker option is what took so long to create. Getting information from the contact picker is a bit of a process, then processing that data was another process. All of that is done now.

There is just some small tidying up that is left on the "to-do list". Part of that is checking for duplicates in the Contact Picker list, and then comparing the incoming number to the contacts in the Contact Picker list to decide whether or not a response should be sent. These are fairly simple tasks when compared to what I've done so far.

Things that do work:

A list can be created from the contact picker
The list contains contacts' photo, name, and number
Items in the list can be edited or deleted
A text list can be created
Names in the text list are not responded to

Update should be released within a couple days if all goes well. :-)