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Friday, September 21, 2012


OK, I have made some small progress this week (most of which was today.)

I fixed the issues listed in the previous post: The time/date now updates every minute, and it no longer switches tabs on orientation change. I still haven't looked into how to switch tabs with a swipe, but that's more of a feature than an issue. (I am planning on adding that before releasing the next version though. As long as it doesn't prove to be too much of a pain.)

I've designed a basic setup for the schedule creator. It doesn't do anything yet, but the layout is there. This is probably what the "final" version will look like. I say "final" in quotes because I have more plans for it, but those plans will likely not happen until future versions. This is what the initial version will likely look like though.

I've also made some other small changes/enhancements throughout different parts of the app. Today I went through and did away with a lot of duplicate layouts, and optimized some small code bits as well. Since this is my first Android app, I'm still learning the best way to do some things. The more I program, the more I realize that some of my initial code was not the best that it could be, so I've re-looked at some of that old code and optimized it. Hopefully that will result in a smaller .apk file, and possibly a smoother running app.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm constantly changing the look and the ROM on my phone, so the navigation bar (among other things) is always changing in my screenshots. I point this out because I have a permanent menu button in the nav bar in this shot. That will not be there if you are running stock. (Or if you are running a device with hardware keys instead of software keys.)