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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Auto Respond 0.10.3

More bug fixes mostly with this update.
  • Fixed an issue that may make it impossible to edit the title of a message in the "Preset Messages" list
  • Fixed an issue with deleting preset messages
  • Changed layout of "Preset Messages" list
The "Preset Messages" list now shows the name of the message, and the actual message. As I work more with layouts I am learning how to do things like this, so I go back and improve existing features. 

As I was working on the new layout, and getting it to display properly, I realized that the way I was handling deleting messages was not correct. I was missing some important pieces of the process. I was deleting the message, but I was not decrementing the list properly if there were more messages after the one that was being deleted. This led to some VERY unexpected side effects if you did something like delete the first message in a list of 5 messages.

This has been taken care of. When you delete a message the list should do exactly as you expect it to do, regardless of the position of the message within the list of messages.

I eventually want to work on sorting this list, but that will come in the future. (I just officially put it on my to-do list)

As usual, I have published this update to the Play Store, but it may not be available for another hour or 2.