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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Update

I've spent a LOT of time the last few days, making what seems like minimal progress.  Some things get exceedingly complicated when you start using more complicated views to display things. The upside is that it makes things look and feel better for the user.

All of that being said, I got the checkbox on the schedules working. It took me almost an entire work day to do it, but I did it. Schedules can now be activated/deactivated from the checkbox on the list of schedules, OR from within the edit screen for each individual schedule.

While doing this, I also found and fixed some bugs in the editing/deleting process for the schedules (luckily I found them before releasing the scheduler as a feature.)

All that is left now is creating the alarm activity to trigger the start and end of the schedule, then acting on that alarm to actually enable/disable Auto Respond.


I don't like giving an actual ETA, but I'm hoping to have the scheduler done by the end of this weekend. I probably won't do any programming today, but I might get some done tomorrow, and I'll likely spend some time on it on Saturday and possibly Sunday as well.

That being said, if it's completed by the end of the weekend, I'll probably test it during the week, and hopefully release it near the end of the week (assuming I don't run into many bugs.)

As I've stated before, this will be a PAID ONLY feature. If you click on "New Schedule" in the free version, it will prompt you to purchase the paid version.

REMINDER: If you purchase the paid version before the end of the month, all proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation for Epilepsy Awareness Month! I haven't gotten many purchases this month, but I have gotten a few. I would be very grateful (and so would the Foundation) if some of you made a purchase before the end of the month.

If you do purchase after the end of the month, and would still like your purchase to be donated, email me and I will make the donation.

Side note: It would be nice to see some ratings and feedback in the Play Store too! ;-)

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving today, I wish you all a happy and SAFE holiday! Please be careful while travelling, and use caution when cooking for yourselves, your families, and/or your guests.