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Friday, November 30, 2012

Auto Respond 1.1

I just published Auto Respond 1.1 to the Play Store. I did it earlier than I wanted to, simply because it fixes a lot of bugs (especially on Android 2.x.) There's also a few new features. Most of them seem small, but I think they could make a big difference.

Here's the changes:

  • Fixed bug with starting Dock Listener after app crash or update
  • Fixed bug with editing message text on pre 4.0 devices
  • Fixed bug with changing ringer preferneces while Auto Respond is not active
  • Fixed bug with changing ringer preferneces on pre Android 4.0 devices
  • Added ability to sort messages by title
  • Added ability to set a specific message when device is docked - in Dock Settings
  • Improved swiping between tabs
  • Returned icon to green and blue (can still have purple icon for notification - in settings)
(Paid Only)
  • Fixed some small bugs in the scheduler
  • Fixed bug with rescheduling schedules after app crash or update
  • Added ability to sort schedules by title (more sorting options to come)
  • Added more descriptive text in Schedule creater/editer
  • Added "Repeat" option for scheduler

As usual, this update will be available within an hour or so. 

I also took down most of my Epilepsy Awareness Month stuff, but purchases through the end of the day will still be used for donations. Also, your icon in the notification area will still be purple until tomorrow. Tomorrow it will return to the normal green and blue, and you will have the option to return it to purple, if desired, in the settings screen.