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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Auto Respond 1.3

Auto respond 1.3 has been released! For those of you running the free version, this is a minor change. But for those of you running the paid version, this took me months to complete. Here's the changelog:


• 1x1 widget for quickly toggling individual messages
• More widgets will be added in the future!

• List of contacts that have already been responded to is now done by contact id, not by name

I said I wanted to keep this for a couple of days to test the widget, but I've tested everything I can think of with it, and I can't break it in any way. If you have the pro version, please check out the widget. If you break it somehow, let me know what went wrong and what you did to cause it.

If you don't have the pro version, please think about purchasing it. The extra feature are really worth the minimal cost. And as I stated in the change log: now that I know how widgets work, I've got some ideas for more. But none of them will be coming to the free version.

As usual, I just posted this to the Play Store so it may be a couple hours before it's available.