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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Auto Respond's first widget is almost ready for release!

I've think I've gotten all of the oddities worked out of the first available Auto Respond widget, but I'd like to test it for a day or so before releasing it.

As I said in a previous post, right now it's just a 1x1 widget. When you create the widget it asks which message you would like to attach to it. After it's created, it displays the title of the message you selected, and the app icon. When that specific message is enabled, the icon will show the on colors (green with blue, or purple with pink) and when the message is inactive, the icon will be the red icon.

If you click on the icon, it toggles Auto Respond and inserts the selected message. If you click on the title of the message, you can select a different message for your widget.

If Auto Respond is activated within the app (and not from a widget) but there is a widget for the message that is used, the widget icon will turn to the on colors.

If Auto Respond is currently active and you click on a widget for a different message than the current message, that widget will change to the on colors and the Auto Respond message will be changed to the message for the selected widget.

If you delete the message to which the widget was attached, the widget will display an error message. If you click this error message, you can attach the widget to a new message.

Here is a screenshot with a few widgets, including a broken widget:

In this shot, the "Test" message is enabled, and the others are obviously disabled. The "error" case was created on purpose for testing and demonstration purposes.