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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Android Euchre Progress

I've finally done it... my euchre logic will compile... mostly.

The only part that doesn't compile is displaying the cards, because I haven't created all of the separate card images yet. I have the image with the entire deck, but I need to split that into 24 different files (Yes, 24. This is a euchre deck, not a regular card deck) then I need to resize those 24 files for different screen sizes.

Then after that's all done, I obviously need to test to make sure I didn't break any logic. Then I need to build in the options that I had in the Windows game, and the statistics that are in the Windows game, and build a menu, and work on the achievements, and getting it to network... so there's still A LOT of work to do.

BUT, I have reorganized a lot of the logic into new object classes (which makes the logic easier to follow) and I've fixed some actual logical errors in the computer play logic (thanks to warnings in the IDE I'm using) and the layout is pretty much set (I might have to tweak it slightly for different screen sizes, but it's mostly good)

Here are some renderings from my IDE:

These renderings are emulating what the game would look like on a Galaxy Nexus.

I've included a few different views with different buttons that are used at different times. Also, different information is displayed at different times, so not all of the text boxes that you see will always be present at all times.

As you can see, there is an ad in the top left, (where it is very unlikely for the user to accidentally click it) hand information in the top right, game information in the bottom left, and most of the user interaction is in the bottom right.

The "Message Text" area is where all messages to the user will be displayed. This includes information about actions by the other players (IE: "Player 2 has passed" or "Player 2 has ordered the 9 of clubs to Player 3", etc.) and it will have information as to actions that need to be taken by the player (IE: "Would you like to call trump?" or "Select a card to play", etc.)

The cards in the center are the cards played by each player for that trick. This is also used as the "Up Card" display for player 1 and player 3. The "Up Card" for players 2 and 4 are closer to their hands.

There is a (Dealer) and (Passed) label for each player, which will be displayed as necessary. Once trump is called, all of the (Passed) labels will disappear, and some hand information will appear in the top right. The (Dealer) label will stay near the player who dealt until the next hand is dealt.