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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Schedule Widget almost done

So as I said before, I've been working on a schedule widget. I've gotten almost all of it working:

What's working:

  1. App icon opens the app
  2. + icon adds new schedule
  3. Play icon starts schedule immediately
  4. Pause icon stops schedule immediately
  5. Pencil icon edits schedule
  6. On/Off button enables/disables schedule
What's not working:
  1. Sort button does nothing. 
    1. I may drop this if I can't get it to work. It's not really necessary anyway.
  2. On/Off button does not change appearance when toggled
    1. It changes appearance if you remove/re-add the widget, but not immediately. Not sure why.
  3. List does not scroll
    1. I have not yet looked much into how to make it scroll. I found some documentation on it, but have not yet read through it.
    2. Preliminary reading indicates that it will only scroll on Android 4.0+
Good news - the list of "not working" things is quickly getting smaller. Yesterday none of the individual schedule buttons worked, and even as of an hour or so ago, only 1 worked properly. Now they're almost all 100% functional.

As you can see in the screenshots, I changed the color of the top bar to be holo themed, so if you are using a theme that takes advantage of holo colors, the color of the bar will change with your themes. (Notice the color of the icons in the top right - like battery, wifi, and time - changed with my theme, and the widget bar matches that color.) 
This background is also semi-transparent, as it was way too bright when it wasn't.

Now, onto some changes to the in-app schedule screen:

As I showed before, the menu is now on the bottom. I changed the edit icon to the pencil, as I said I would, and I added a delete button. Upon being pressed, the delete button displays a dialog asking "Are you sure?" in case you accidentally hit delete.

Nothing happens when you click/long-click anywhere other than those buttons. This is to make things more obvious to the user, and to make things easier on me as well.

I have tested this in both Android 4.x and 2.x,  and all buttons seem to work properly in both OS versions.