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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Auto Respond's second widget

It's not quite pretty yet, and not all of the features are quite there yet, but I've created a second widget. This one is for your schedules.

There are a few working parts already, but as you see there are a few things missing still.


  1. The Auto Respond icon in the upper left opens the app
  2. The + button allows you to create a new schedule
  3. All schedules display properly
  4. There is a semi-transparent black background on the widget, to show the boundaries of the widget
Not Working:
  1. The sort (a>z icon) button currently does nothing
  2. The start and stop buttons (play and pause icons) currently do nothing
  3. I cannot put a switch in a widget (limitations of the OS), so I may need a different way to toggle the individual schedules
  4. The list is currently not scrollable
The good news: 
  1. A lot of the hard work is done - The information displays, and I can get it to update properly.
  2. I know where I need to do work to make the start and stop buttons work. 
  3. I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be done for the sorting, I'm just too lazy to do it tonight.
  4. I've actually made some progress even while writing this blog entry (I've uploaded 3 different screenshots already)