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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Auto Respond 1.3.5

It has been published. Auto Respond 1.3.5 is being pushed to the Play Store right now. Not as a beta, as a release version.

Here's the full change log:


  • Fixed a crash when changing promote message
  • Added custom response list to schedules
  • Added do not respond list to individual schedules
  • Trim leading and trailing spaces before joining messages in custom responses
  • Change Screen title from "New Schedule" to "Edit Schedule" when editing a schedule


  • Fixed a bug toggling promotion message in Android 4.0+
  • Fixed rare crash due to notification system
  • Fixed potential crash when responding to phone calls
  • Fixed multiple issues in the dock menu
  • Added Data backup/restore to Google Account
  • Change Screen title from "New Message" to "Edit Message" when editing a message
  • Removed some unused code

Yeah, that's a lot. Lots of bugs fixed, a few additions for both free and pro users, some small aesthetic changes... a little bit of everything.

The update should be available in a couple hours via the Play Store.