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Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Auto Respond Beta

I've published the new Auto Respond Beta to the Play Store.

Change Log:

1.3.5 b1:

  • Fixed a crash when changing promote message
  • Added custom response list to schedules
  • Trim leading and trailing spaces before joining messages in custom responses


  • Fixed a bug toggling promotion message in Android 4.0+
  • Fixed potential crash when responding to phone calls
  • Fixed multiple issues in the dock menu
  • Added Data backup/restore to Google Account
  • Removed some unused code

1.3.5 b0:

  • Added do not respond list to individual schedules


  • Change Screen title from "New Schedule" to "Edit Schedule" when editing a schedule
  • Change Screen title from "New Message" to "Edit Message" when editing a message

It may be an hour or 2 before it shows up in the Play Store, and in order to use the beta you'll need to join my G+ community. If you aren't in it already, you can join the community here: 

Then go here to sign up for the beta releases of Auto Respond: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.havens1515.autorespond

The latest beta is just labeled 1.3.5, not 1.3.5 b1. That's because if no bugs are found, this version will be promoted to a release version. I've done a fair amount of testing, so there should be no glaring bugs.

Auto Respond Free will be released after testing with Pro is done. (The changes for Free have already been made.)