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Monday, July 1, 2013

Auto Respond Progress

I'm finding out that doing things properly isn't always easy...

I've got the "Do not respond" (DNR) lists per schedule working, so I'm working on "Custom Response" lists. As with the initial building of this feature, it's not easy. But I also just realized something else that I neglected to do with the DNR list... I have to erase all of these settings when you delete a schedule! Otherwise, they may be wrongfully applied to a newly created schedule. I'm fairly sure nobody has actually downloaded my beta yet, so nobody should be affected by this little misstep.

On the other hand, Google has made app data backup and restore REALLY easy... as long as you use SharedPreferences... which I do!

So I've implemented app data backup/restore in both versions of Auto Respond. No, there is not a release version yet with these changes. I haven't even actually released a beta version with these changes... I'm hoping to do that in a couple days when the custom responses per schedule are finished.

Also, I've found and fixed A LOT of bugs. Many of which were hidden in the Dock menu, some in the Promote menu, and a rare crash bug when responding to phone calls.

Bottom line - with any luck there will be an updated Auto Respond in a few days, with some new features for pro users, backup for everyone, and fixes for everyone!