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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Auto Respond

Like most people that I talk to, I do a lot of thinking while in the shower and driving. (Obviously, not both at once...) and this morning, before getting into the shower, I was thinking about some code in the latest update.

My mind went through this kind of process... " I put this there, and that there, and.... wait a second... that means that if the user edits the schedule, without opening the custom response list, the list could potentially be overwritten with blank data."

So I tried it. I opened a test schedule that I had setup, edited the list to contain a name, hit "OK" to save the schedule, then edited the schedule again, without opening the custom response settings, clicked "OK" again, and when I edited the schedule for the third and final time, my list was gone.

A few cuts and pastes of code later... the issue is fixed. And all because my mind often wanders off into my code.

So if you have setup a Do Not Respond list or a Custom Response list inside of a schedule, update the app to the latest version first, then check your lists to see if they are still there. If they're not there, recreate them and they should be safe from here on out. (As long as you update first.)

Sorry for the bug, but I figure I caught it early enough that it probably didn't effect too many people.

(As per usual, it may be an hour or so before the update is live in the Play Store.)