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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Next Version of Auto Respond - News and Poll

I've kinda taken a self-imposed break from programming for a while. I do this every once in a while, usually after I complete something big (in this case, the scheduler.)

I do this just as a small personal break. I'm not a programmer by trade, it's something I do in my free time, so occasionally I take a break from programming to do other things.

I do have a small update that I can put out. A small improvement on how non-repeating schedules work for paid users, and a small tweak to the Credits screen for everyone. (Don't get too excited!) Not sure when I'm going to put that out. I may wait until I have accomplished a bit more, or I may just release it as a small update. (It may be a small change, but for paid users it is a VERY useful change if you use non-repeating schedules.)

The version that is out now is VERY polished, and has no bugs that I'm aware of, so I may just let it be for a while. I know that as a user it can be very frustrating dealing with bugs, no matter how small they are.

Let me know what you think. Should I release the new version with the small changes, or should I wait until I have something more substantial?

Also, what should I work on next?

  1. I worked on a widget for a while, and I think I know where I went wrong with it, so I may continue work on that. (This will be a paid only feature.)
  2. A timer, which would be similar to the scheduler. It would pop-up when manually turning on Auto Respond, and ask if you want to set a timer for it to turn off. (Or if you have a better idea for how to trigger it, let me know.) (This will likely be a paid only feature)
  3. More sorting options for the list of messages, schedules, and the do not respond list.
  4. New ways to add contacts to the do no respond list, including a text list (list of names) and a phone-number list.
  5. I know that not many people have 4.2 yet (I just installed it on my Galaxy Nexus a couple days ago) and I don't know if this is even possible, but I'd like to look into seeing if I can add a toggle to the new quick settings area in 4.2. If it IS possible, it may require root. But I'll look into if it's possible and, if so, how to go about it. (This would be a paid only feature if it's possible.)
  6. Other - submit an idea of something you would like to see added, fixed, or otherwise changed. (As far as I know there are no bugs that need to be fixed, but if there is please let me know.)
    1. This can include changes to the layout, the look and feel of the app, the interface, a new feature... anything that you think needs work. I welcome constructive criticism, so don't be afraid to speak up if something bothers you. It may be something I never thought about. (or something that I already want to improve, but I don't know the best way to go about it.)
I likely won't work on any of this until next week sometime (Or possibly a tiny bit this weekend) so don't expect any of this too soon. But I would like to know what you guys want to see in the next version.

UPDATE: I just got a crash report from a user, and think I've fixed the issue. It was a very rare case that would cause the bug, but it is now fixed. I will be pushing this update soon.