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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Auto Respond 1.2

I just released a new update to Auto Respond with a HUGE overhaul to the look and feel of the app, especially for people using Android 4.0+.

Here's the change log:

  • Made some initial changes to help support multiple languages (days, months, and times should all support multiple languages now)
  • Lots of changes to look and feel of the app
    • Fully implemented Holo theme for Android 4.0+
    • Standardized windows throughout the app, as well as according to Android standards
    • Location of "OK" and "Cancel" buttons now follow Android guidelines (If you're using Android 4.0+, that means they have switched sides, if you're using Android 2.x, they're the same as before)
  • Added more information to the email sent when clicking "needs improvement" on the feedback screen

Paid Only - (wasn't an issue in free version)

  • Fixed some small issues with time display, if using 24-hour clock (some times were still showing in 12-hour style)
I hope you guys LOVE this new look! I know I do! (And I spent a ton of time perfecting it last night!) Here's a preview - the main screen on Android 4.2:

The big differences here are that the "Preset Messages" button is now the width of the screen, and it is Holo themed. Plus, the former toggle checkbox is now also a Holo themed button, with a colored icon indicating its current state. When enabled this icon will be the green icon, or if you are using the purple icon it will be purple when enabled.
In android 2.x these will appear as gray buttons, but the icon is still present on the toggle button.

As usual, it will be a couple hours before this is live on Google's servers. And if you find any issues, let me know

EDIT: I am noticing that the "Preset Messages" window is the only one that seems to not follow the standards set by the rest of the app, so I'm going to work on that. That particular window will be a little hard than others, because of the way I currently have it working, but I should be able to get it done tonight.

I plan on putting "New Message" and "Sort" buttons at the top, taking the sort option out of the overflow menu like in the scheduler window, and putting a "Cancel" button at the bottom. This will ensure that navigation between screens is consistent throughout the app.