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Friday, December 21, 2012

Auto Respond 1.2.5

I just published an update to Auto Respond. Not much in the way of changes, but I may have potentially finally killed a big bug.

People have been emailing me, saying that sometimes my app doesn't send a response. Some people have sent crash reports when it has happened, all of the crash reports pointed to a "null pointer exception", but I couldn't figure out where exactly it was happening. (Even with all of the information provided in the error reports.)

Today I was going through my code, block by block, and commenting it thoroughly, in case there comes a time when I put this away for a while and return to it months later. While I was doing this, I finally realized where this error is possibly being generated. (And possibly fixed some other errors in the process.)

That being said, here's the change log:

  • More work towards supporting multiple languages
  • Some small bug fixes
    • Hopefully a fix for the people who have had occasional issues with it not sending a response (I've been looking to squish this bug for a while now!)
    • Small logic changes to fix things that you probably didn't notice
I usually do this occasionally with all of my programs... go through them line by line, or block by block, and see what I have overlooked. Usually I do find something small that can be changed or improved somehow. This time I potentially found, and fixed, a big bug.

If you DO run into an issue where the app doesn't seem to be sending responses correctly (or any other bugs for that matter,) please let me know via email, Google+, Twitter, whatever.

As usual, I JUST published this update, so it may be a couple hours before it's live on the Play Store.