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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Auto Respond 1.2.2

I finished the new look, including the "Preset Messages" window. Version 1.2.1 included the new look, but had some issues with deleting/editing messages so I pushed 1.2.2 to fix those issues.

Here's that screen now:

1.2.2 should be live in the play store right now (I pushed it a while ago, and it appears to have gone through Google's servers at this point.)

The Play Store listing for the free version may not immediately include the new screenshot of this screen, I apparently forgot to add that to the Play Store entry for the free version on my original push. But that screenshot will be up-to-date in a couple hours, and the app itself is up-to-date now. 

So even if you've already updated a few times today, go check the Play Store to see if there is another update (I've pushed at least 3 different versions today.) If you haven't updated yet today, there's definitely a new look waiting for you.