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Monday, February 18, 2013

Auto Respond

Sorry guys, someone sent in a crash report (thanks for that!)

In the free version, a crash is possible when entering one of the menus. This is because I didn't merge one of the changes from the paid version.

It should be fixed in, but if you do experience a crash, the crash report system in Android is VERY useful when trying to fix them. If you could though, (and this goes for ALL apps, not just mine) please write in what Android version you are running when sending those reports. It's not always 100% necessary, but it definitely helps when trying to figure out the problem.

Also, the menu in Android 2.x was also setup slightly different than it is in 4.x. I've updated the menu in 2.x to look the same as the 4.x menu.

The update has been published, and should be trickling through Google's servers shortly. Look for it in the next hour or so.