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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updates - coming slowly but surely

I know it has been a while since I have updated Auto Respond. This isn't because I'm not working on it, or I have nothing left to add... it's because some of the stuff I've added is more work than I realized.

First - I think I mentioned before that changing 4.0+ to on/off switches from check boxes was actually a LOT of work that I did not count on. Now that I've figured out how they work, it's not as bad anymore. But there's still some work, and a lot of testing, to be done.

Next - The changing icon. I mentioned that I have found a way to change the icon of the entire app. Well, turns out that's not entirely true. It changes the icon of an individual activity (such as the main screen) and in order to change it for the whole app, I would need a bunch of activity-aliases. It can be done, but it's not quite necessary right now. There are more important things to do. And as I stated before, there are still problems with it. It changes the icon in the app drawer, but this change is not immediate. So if the "old" icon is still there and you click on it, it will say "App not installed" and it will take a few seconds for it to switch to the "new" icon. Until I figure out how to make that change immediate, this feature will remain unchanged.

Also - I mentioned some work on ignoring calls... unfortunately that still is not working properly either. So unless I get that fixed soon, it's not going to be added. Sorry if anyone was looking forward to this functionality. I'm trying :-/

And lastly - something many of you have been waiting for: responses for individual contacts! I've started working on it and, as I expected, I ran into some road blocks. I told you guys before that it was a mess to get the functionality of this whole thing worked out in my head. Well, it turns out that I SILL don't have it all worked out. As I started coding I realized "hey, where is <insert option here> going to go?" or "wait, if I do that, then I need to put <insert something else> there as well." So I'm rearranging the whole thing so that it fits together nicely, and is easy to understand and navigate.

I was originally going to make this work a lot like the "Do Not Respond" list. But as it turns out there is a lot more I want to do with this than the Do Not Respond list, and it's going to require a few extra sub-menus. I've almost got all of the menus written and working. I've also written the code to check and react to this list when sending responses. I'm not sure if it works properly yet (I haven't tested it) but the code is written.

The good news - it's in progress. And I've actually made a significant amount of progress on it in a very small amount of time. The bad news - it's not quite done yet. And when it is done, it still needs to be tested.

I would give you some screenshots but things may still change, and the shots that I would be able to offer aren't very impressive anyway.