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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Auto Respond - More Bug Fixes

Crash Fixes

More crash fixes in Auto Respond... this time, only in the free version. (Sorry again guys! At least that's good news for those of you who have paid for the app.)

I obviously don't use the free version for my personal use - since the paid version has more options. I try to test everything possible in both version of the app before releasing a new version, but sometimes I miss things.

As it turns out, entering into "Notification Options" or "Other Options" on a 4.0+ device would cause the app to crash.

I only noticed this because I checked Google Analytics for crashes and exceptions, which listed a few crashes in the free app. This once again leads me to beg you guys to please send crash reports when they happen!

When the app crashes, you get a prompt that ways "Report" and "Close". PLEASE click "Report", even if you leave the text box empty. It would be preferred if you would put a small note in there, including what Android version you are using, and/or what device you are using (Android version is more useful) and maybe a small description of what you were doing when the crash occurred.

Without this report, I was only given a few pieces of information:

  1. What app it happened in
  2. What file it happened in
  3. The error code
With the error reports, even if you do not put in any additional information, I get one more piece of information which is VERY useful: the exact line number which caused the error.

Other Bug Fixes

While I was searching frantically for this error, I happened upon another bug. This one applies to both free and paid users.

It was a small bug with how the "Silence Ringer" option works. Nothing too big, but it fixed a couple of issues for users on Android 2.x, and another issue for all users. 

Bottom Line

A couple more bugs squashed, and the new version has been published. As always, it may be a couple of hours before the update is live in Google's servers, but make sure to look for it later tonight!