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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Analytics Data

I just want to pass on some information to you guys that I got from looking at my analytics from Auto Respond.

Most Used Features:
It seems as if most people are interacting with Auto Respond as I would expect. The most common thing people are doing is clicking the toggle button on the main page. That is expected. That is the basic use of the app, so it should be the most often used feature.
It's also the first thing you see, and for that exact reason - it's the main purpose of the app. It's the only right-justified item on the screen, and the only colored item on the screen. This is so that it will catch your attention.

The next most used feature is the message list. People are going in there and creating new messages, editing messages, sorting messages, and even using the "Get Current Message" button, which is one of the things that I was worried that people might not use. It looks like I was wrong on that.

Little Used Features:
The one thing with the messages that nobody has used since I started collecting analytic data is deleting a message. Again, this is to be expected. The option exists, and I'm not going to take it away, but I would expect that most people will either never use that feature, or use it very little.

Another thing I see very little of is swiping to change tabs. This is most likely because the majority of users are using the free version, and have no need to use the scheduler tab. I only see 1 swipe so far... again, somewhat expected.

Some of the other things that are not getting used much: the menu items other than settings. The settings are being use a decent amount, but the other menu items are hardly touched. Again, I would expect this. However, a few people have clicked on "My Other Apps", "Feedback", and even "Donate" in the paid version. (Nobody has actually donated to me, but it has been clicked)

Completely Unused Features:
It seems that nobody has used the help screen or the credits screen, at least since I started keeping track.  Also, nobody seems to have clicked on the "Buy" button in the menu, or when you try to create a schedule in the free version. As with the other features that aren't used often, I will not take these away. I think they are necessary, and someone will inevitably use them at some point. However, I would expect that these things are not going to be used often.

Future Data:
Having all of this said, there are a few things I would like to add to my analytics. Things that I'm not currently keeping track of that I think would be helpful.

  1. Docking
    1. How many times is the app activated by docking the phone?
    2. How many of those are car docks vs. desk docks?
  2. Schedules
    1. How many times is the app activated/deactivated by a schedule in the paid app?
  3. Duration
    1. How long do people generally keep the app active before disabling it again?
    2. This is more of a curiosity than anything else. Not sure how it can help me improve the app, but it would be cool to know.
    3. Also, I'm not sure how I would do that. I'd have to look into how exactly analytics reports data, and maybe create a new category or something.
  4. Settings
    1. I'm still not keeping track of exactly how people are using the settings, and I would like to do that. I'm not sure the best way to go about it though.

Questions for you - my users:

Is there any specific usage information that you would be interested in knowing? 
If it's something that I'm not tracking yet, maybe I can look into adding it to my list. If it is something in my list above, let me know that you'd be interested in seeing that data once it's available. If it's something that I am tracking already, I'll most likely let you know if you ask for it.

Is there something that you do a lot that I didn't cover?
I'm sure that there are other things in the app that I've missed in my tracking. I don't track every little thing that happens, but I do track the ones that I think are important. Let me know if I've missed something important!

Is there something you wish you could do that I can maybe add to future versions?
As always, I welcome feature requests. If there's something that you have been desperately wanting from Auto Respond and I haven't added it yet, let me know!

Let me know your thoughts! I want to make this app as useful as possible for people, and your input helps me do that!