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Friday, January 11, 2013

App Idea

I was going to pitch a new app idea to you guys, but as I was writing I realized I could actually just build it into Auto Respond instead.

I said last post that this app would be useless if both "Respond to texts" and "Respond to calls" were disabled.... but that's not entirely true. I also have an option to "Silence Ringer". If both respond options are turned off, Auto Respond could act like a "Quiet Hours" app.

After realizing this, I have decided that I AM going to allow the user to turn off both response settings, but only if the silence option is active. Basically, at least one of the 3 of those options (respond to texts, respond to calls, or silence ringer) has to be enabled... and if none of them are, THEN the app would be useless.

I am also going to add some new things to schedules also... you will be able to set each individual schedule to use the default app ringer options (set in the app settings), make no changes to the ringer, or silence/vibrate the ringer. Also, for each schedule I am going to add the options for responding to texts/calls. These will likely have the same kind of choices... use the app default setting, enabled, or disabled.
For new and existing schedules, these will default to "Use app default", since that's what they are doing now.

This will make it so that you can actually create a schedule for quiet hours. Don't want to be disturbed when you're sleeping? Simple, set up a schedule for when you normally sleep and set it to  silence the ringer when it's enabled. Don't sleep at the same time every night/day? Set up a generic schedule with the "silence ringer" option enabled, keep the schedule disabled, and use the manual "start" and "stop" buttons when you go to sleep and wake up.

As a note - I have not written ANY of the code to actually do this yet... it's just an idea right now. But it shouldn't be difficult to implement. If it's easy enough, I may actually have it included in my next update.