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Friday, January 18, 2013

Auto Respond

Yesterday, I drove to Buffalo for work for the first time in many months. Much to my surprise, I docked my phone and Auto Respond did not automatically start.

I looked into this, and turns out... there were some bugs in my docking code. This has now been fixed, and the new version has been published. (It may be a couple hours before it's live on Google's servers though)

In order to make the docking options work again, you may need to go into the dock options screen and toggle all of your active options off then back on.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

As usual, if you find a bug like this PLEASE let me know. I take information like this well, and I WILL look into it if you report something like this. I'd rather have someone tell me that my app is not working properly rather than have an app on the market that isn't working as advertised.
I am human. I occasionally make mistakes, and am willing to admit to my mistakes.