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Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't buy a Nexus 10

Just don't do it. I dropped mine, cracked the screen and have now spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get the right department to repair/replace the thing.

I first went to Walmart where I bought it. They wouldn't replace it because it's been 15 days, and their return policy is 14. Then called Google, but they wouldn't help me because I bought it at Walmart, not on the Play Store. Then I called Samsung... about 10 times. Transfer, promise to get it taken care of, transfer, promise, transfer, promise, transfer, promise, over and over again.

I have NEVER been this upset about trying to get a product replaced IN MY LIFE. I have LITERALLY lost count of how many people I have spoken to on the phone between Google and Samsung. (I lost count somewhere around 10.)

It has been FIFTEEN DAYS! I should be able to quickly get a replacement for this, or at least quickly get approved for one if there are no replacements immediately available.

Sorry Samsung, I LOVE my Galaxy Nexus, I LOVED my Nexus 10 (for the 10 days or so before the screen cracked) but I will NEVER buy another device from you after this Customer Service fiasco.

A couple things:
1) Walmart ALMOST replaced it for me, after going there 4 times and realizing somewhere in there that it had only been 11 days, not 15. But in the end they decided not to because I caused the damage.
2) I reached out to Samsung support on Twitter, and THEY responded so maybe they will do something. We'll see.

At this point I'll be glad to even PAY to have it repaired, but Samsung pushed me around so much... I ALMOST got a service ticket to pay to get it fixed, but not quite.

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