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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Progress

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to program at all this weekend. I wasn't feeling well, and had a lot to do on top of that. (The hockey game sucked, but my brother's gf threw him a surprise 30th birthday and that was fun.)

I did however get to do some programming last night. I was able to build in the optional text response. The former "Phone Options" menu is now called "Main Options", and has the added option of "Respond to Text Messages". This new option defaults on, as that is the main function of the app for the majority of users.

As I stated earlier, one of the three options on that page MUST be enabled... the app won't let you leave the screen without having one of them enabled:
  1. Respond to Text Messages
  2. Respond to Calls
  3. Silence Ringer
One of those MUST be active, otherwise the app is basically useless.

In other news, I've squashed a couple more bugs (that I didn't know existed until last night when I was coding):

  • Fixed a bug with "Silence Ringer" option
  • Fixed a bug with "Desk Dock Response Message" in "Dock Settings" screen
  • Fixed a bug which caused the "OK" button on the main settings screen to disappear on orientation change
These are documented in the full changelog, which is linked in the Play Store listing.

I still have a few things to finish before I release a new version. Here's what I would like to accomplish before releasing a new version:
  • Add some more settings to schedules
    • ringer settings (silent/vibrate/app default)
    • response settings (respond to text/call/both/neither/app default)
  • Add analytics to Pro version
These are relatively small changes and shouldn't take long to complete. I should be able to finish them up tonight.

I realize these are both changes that only apply to the pro version, but I don't want to release the update to the free version prior to release an updated pro version. Also (as I did yesterday) I sometimes find, and fix, bugs in code that I'm not necessarily actively working on. So if I find such a bug while working on code for the pro version, I can fix it in the free version before releasing it.

Bottom line: a new version should only be a couple days away! :-)